Kia Sportage (กฏ08-กฏ11) Coil Spring Rubber Buffer

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Kia Sportage (กฏ08-กฏ11) Coil Spring Rubber Buffer Kia Coil Spring Rubber Buffer Rubber Buffer


Product Description:
High Quality
Warranty: 24 months
Quantity: 1set (Front & Rear)

Package Included:
*2pcs Front Coil Spring Rubber Buffer
*2pcs Rear Coil Spring Rubber Buffer

Why Rubber

Rubber being a softer material, besides dampening a lot of road noise and vibrations, it also allows the coil spring to function normally. The single most important property of rubber – is their ability to stretch and return to their original shape in a reversible way. Thus, the long lasting effect will protect the coil springs and shock absorbers in the long run.

* We have the most sizes and specifications catering to various OEM coil suspension models. Making sure each and every vehicle owner acquires the best fitted buffer.

Improves handling and manoeuvring (only when installed to Front & Rear springs)

  • Dampening road noise and vibrations
  • Reduces body roll when cornering
  •  Reduces shock, thus protecting coil spring
  • Vehicle height restoration
  • and many more…..
FOC Installation if only install with our dealers!

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BLITZComfort product is FULLY guaranteed against manufacturing defects arising from raw materials and workmanship under normal usage within the warranty period subject to following terms and conditions:

1) This GUARANTEE is valid only in Malaysia.
2) This GUARANTEE is applied only to:
  1. Service provided by our Authorised Automotive Dealers.
  2. Claim accompanied by purchase receipt and the vehicle stipulated in the e-warranty form.
3) This GUARANTEE will not apply if:
  1. The product does not have our brand/marking.
  2. The damage of product is caused by the malfunctioning of the vehicle’s suspension system, collision, theft, misuse, mishandling, improper storage and maintenance, explosion and Acts of God such as fire, flood etc.
  3. The product is transferred to another vehicle.
  4. The product is installed and maintained not in accordance to the instructions stated herein.
  5. The product has been tampered with, repaired or modified in any manner except by our Authorised Automotive Dealers.
  6. The product used for applications other than automotive.
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